fuseki database

The fuseki database is an SGF file containing the first 50 moves of over 1850 pro games, mainly Japanese title games.

Variations are sorted by the total number of games within the variations.

The file consists of 1873 games in total. Black wins 842 games, White 758 games and for 273 games the result is unknown. This means that black wins 52.6% of all games.


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Title of variations

If there is more than one game in the tree:

If there's only one game in the tree:

Second move loses the game?


Of the 13 games in the database matching this position black wins 81.8%. The highest winning percentage for the second move in the database for variations containing more than 10 games. If Black played at 'A' next, he won 7 out of 7 games (100%).

Makes one think :o)